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Meet the Team behind Edward Gate!

Quinto Lam

- Author

Hi, I’m Quinto Lam. The author of the Edward Gate series. Two things. Firstly, I’ll do this in the first person because it sounds better. Secondly, I have this many words not because I think I deserve them, it’s just that I chose to write more than the others.

Let’s get a few personal things out of the way. I was born in Hong Kong in 2009 on the 11th of November to my parents. I have a mom, a dad, and two sisters. My two sisters are studying in America and I am still in Hong Kong. I went to WF Joseph Lee Primary School and now I’m in Diocesan Boys’ School. I love playing badminton and it’s actually what I want to be when I grow up, a badminton player. Not an author, but I still love writing.

I wrote a lot of stories when I was in primary school. However, before I graduated from primary school, there was a period when I stopped writing for 2 years. After that period I came up with a plot for an excellent story(Edward Gate) and wrote the first chapter the very next day. I sent it to my good friend Jayden to critique, and he gave me some ideas. Then I wrote the next day and asked him to rate it. Then it became a habit for me to ask him to rate my work every 1000 words. And that’s how he became one of the most important figures of Edward Gate.

I have more books planned, I won’t say how many but it’s at least 3 books including the first. I am stocked for this series because I think I learnt a lot from the first book. I have an amazing second book planned and I cannot thank Jayden and the rest of my team enough. If you scroll down, you can see the other members of the Edward Gate Team and I cannot thank them enough. My life now consists of three things, studies, badminton, and Edward Gate. It may be a dull life for some, but I find it delightful. Hope you enjoy this series!




Discord: H0ped#0001


Jayden Chow - Manager

Jayden Chow is the Advisor and Manager for Quinto, which means that he provides ideas for the plot, marketing and lots more. He also helps proofread the book and manage this website. Jayden heard that Quinto was writing a book and he was interested, which led him to help Quinto through the entire production of the book, and Jayden's glad he made this decision!

I don't have any socials. It's sad I know :(

- Jayden Chow

Indigco -

Beta Reader

Indigco is one of the beta readers of the Edward Gate series. She is currently a student and she is interested in singing, editing and making videos. She chose to not show her face and opted to have this photo in place of her portrait. She has a Twitch account and a Youtube account and I highly recommend you support her on social media.